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That Uncomfortable Itch is actually my second stab at blogging. My first blog, Caloden, still exists but I am keeping her tucked away until I know exactly what I want for her. I started TUI last December after my ex-husband, Matt, had a stroke, at 39, and was diagnosed with a rare vascular disease, fibromuscular dysplasia. It was the second of two times in my life when I felt the earth shift on its axis and my grip of reality change. I knew in the moment of seeing him in the ER that anything and everything up until that point was moot, that he and our children were what truly mattered. And so began this next phase of our lives.

Matt and I still live apart but are working in a direction where our we and our children will once again co-habitate under one roof. Well, except for Loren, our oldest son who is 18, he will soon be moving to Denver to start the next phase of his life and my heart will break a bit upon letting my (baby) boy go. Our other two children, Cassidy Jane, 14, and Devon, almost 7, will be with us on this next stretch of the adventure.

I'll soon be moving this show out of Blogger because I've recently started taking pictures again and I don't like Blogger's picture abilities. Until then, here it is. Read it, leave a comment, enjoy....

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