Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting the hell out of dodge

This Saturday Devon, Cass and I are getting on a plane and heading out to Salt Lake City and then on to Provo for the week. Loren can't go with us because he is filming an up and comer at the Winter X Games all weekend and then has to have his wisdom teeth out late next week. We are going out to bid good-bye to Matt's dad who is dying of cancer and to see the kids' most favorite Auntie of all, Jen. Matt and I are also going to sort through all his medical bills and attempt to get a handle on them. The one I opened yesterday from the hospital where he spent 10 days had a number so enormous on it that I just had to giggle. Really? A person could buy a fancy Porsche for that amount. Or a spacious home in deep Arakansas. Or me and 15 of my closest girlfriends could get boob lifts. The list could be endless. So, yes, tackle his insane stroke bills we will do.

Despite the fact that parts of our trip will be sad, I am really looking forward to getting out of town for a week. My first choice for a respite might not be Provo, I would opt for someplace warm and sandy, close to a bar where drinks served in coconuts could be easily had. Provo is cold, filled with fresh faced Mormons with good intentions and getting a drink is not the easiest of tasks in that town. But to get away will be good for the soul. One of the aspects I'm most looking forward to is seeing Matt. When he came home from the hospital in early December I saw him every day until he left for Provo over to weeks ago. I made sure he got out of the house, went to the store, visited Starbuck's with me. We haven't spent so much time together in nearly five years and it was truly lovely. I had forgotten that he can make me laugh like no other and how when we are getting along it is so easy to just be. So, yes, I can't wait to go see my ex-husband. Go figure.


  1. I think exes are under appreciates friends sometimes. They know you and at some point, had lots of qualities that made them desireable to be around 24/7. Have fun...well, try to.

  2. Thanks! It was a bti of madness for sure, but had some lovely times.