Friday, February 11, 2011

Artists and asses

I come from an artistic family. That statement means that most everyone on our family tree is fairly nuts, but it's all good and we're all down with it. Yesterday I was at a local cafe that I appreciate for its wide selection of gluten-free baked goods when I apporached the owners about hosting an exhibit of my mother's work. It was a lovely exchange and the low down of it is that I will soon be bringing them some examples of her photos for a possible showing in May.

Later I called my mom to inform her she would have to get off her duff, find some good stuff and start cranking for the show. She was excited but then said, "So when are you going to get off your ass and have a show there?" To which I replied, "My head is so far up said ass that I can't even go there right now. In fact, if you really must know my true state, I don't even have on underwear right now. Haven't in days. I'm too pudgy for them and even if I wasn't they're all dirty." My mother paused and replied, "Right. Well. Okay." While it didn't leave her completely speechless it did slow her down.

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