Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Donkey Rant

I've mentioned it a couple of times lately but I'll say it again, the single parent thing/other parent in a different state thing is wearing thin. As evidenced in the following text chat, I believe Matt is also feeling the strain. Other than sex texting I find sass texting to be right up there on the list of good fun, and it always brightens my day if it's slightly combative as well.

Me: Rough night?

Matt: Bite me.

Me: So hostile.

Matt: Get bent.

Me: Cranky fart

Matt: Donkey-hating bitch knickers

Matt: Furtle furtle furtle furtle.

Me; A side of madness for dinner tonight?

Matt: Spawankkeeeeeee.

Me: You need to come home.

Matt: Spanston doesn’t think so.

Me: Who the hell is Spanston?

Matt: You wish you knew.

Me: Maybe you should talk it out with Donkey.

Matt: Donkey and I talk all the time. HE says you’re crazy.

Me: Donkey is a vindictive fiuckhead. Plus, he’s a pathological liar. He says the same crap about you.

Matt: Donkey is the wisest of all of us. You sound like you’ve been in Spanston’s furtle again.

Me; Well, there is that. You should try it.

Matt: I highly doubt that. Donkey loves everybody but you.

Me: Don’t be deceived by his cunning ways. That good ole boy bucktooth act is a bunch of crap. He’s a  bad egg.

Matt: What the hell are you talking about? It’s a fucking donkey. God, you’re weird.

Matt: Please don’t contact me anymore.

Me: Gonna go play with Donkey?

Matt: Weirdo. Seriously

Me: I have to go parent your children. I’m very busy. And important.

Matt: Be careful not to drown them in the tub. The voices aren’t real. Nutjob.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting that insight into Matt's playfulness, LOL. I got a big kick out of it (even though I didn't understand most of it).