Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's not always hard to be me. Just sometimes.

It’s quite easy for me to slip into self-pity and not entirely uncommon for my brain to take up a full on monologue about how hard it is just to be me. It’s really exhausting and often leads to migraines, like the one currently nesting atop my skull and digging its claws into my gray matter.

This morning I left work to take Devon to the doctor, he’s had a lingering cough for five days which seems to be getting more hackish, and the synapses in my head were up to their snarking ways so I turned on the radio to shut out the noise. And then. Who’s name should I hear on the news? My own son’s, and not in a bad way either. It was an interview of a fellow with the Independence Pass Foundation and their upcoming film festival this Friday. The announcer was asking about the various clips to be shown when he prompted the IPF rep about a special feature new to the festival this year.

“Yes, we have a young, local student named Loren James Creer. He’s very talented and his work features Torin Yater-Wallace and Aiden Sheehan.” He then added a bit more about the skiers and ended with something like, “These young men all have amazing promise!”

Tell you what, those voices in my head shut the hell right up and I let out a shrieking, “WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Loren has two more film festivals lined up this spring and I have feeling there will be many more in his future. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my boy! Not so hard to be me anymore today. Go figure.