Monday, April 18, 2011

It's hard to be me today

Spring in the Colorado rockies is probably the most brutal season of all. Every year I hope the transition between snow and warmth will be a short and seamless one and every year I am smacked down by April and most of May. One day there might be sun and the next eight inches of heavy snow covers the budding trees. Right now things are still mostly brown and soggy while the snow retreats, not a visual treat. Needless to say I'm feeling rather blue about it today, that and I'm still on the Lenten no caffeine wagon.

The clip below is from last fall when Loren got his new 7D camera. I watched it this morning to remind myself that color and light will return and with it happy moments. And, yes, the 40 days will be up and on Easter morning the Easter Bunny will be serving me a vanilla latte followed by a mimosa.

First 7D edit. from aidan sheahan on Vimeo.

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