Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Starfish & coffee, maple syrup and jam

I remember when Matt and I first got married, people, who at the time I thought were super old but who were likely the age I am now, used to tell us how important it was to have "us" time. I didn't get it, thinking what did they know in their aged state. And so we rarely did anything on our own without the children. If we did get away it was usually one of us off with friends and the other at home. It obviously took its toll and things went the way they went.

With age comes some sort of wisdom, I like to believe, and so now we are taking that time and fostering something really quite fabulous. On Saturday we went to see Donovan Frankenreiter, and Matt Nanthanson  at the Wheeler. Aside from seeing Jack Johnson there is nobody I wanted to see perform more than Frankenreiter, and Matt Nathanson turned out to be obscenely sassy and fun. It was all guitars and just plain beautiful. Matt and I sat in the balcony and soaked in the music and fun of it all.

I know I am the luckiest of fools to have this chance, a do-over of sorts, and I am so grateful to whatever sort of fates that have dropped this in my lap.


  1. Its common for people to remarry each other...with age comes wisdom. I'm still shocked my husband and I made it, getting married so young and with babies. I'm routing for you!
    The Glamorous Army Wife

  2. Those fates are damn smart ones.

  3. Thanks, P and K! I am tickled with sprinkles about the whole thing. :)