Thursday, April 21, 2011

A secret on Thursday

I have a secret love, almost fetish, for aprons. I don't own a single one, usually when I cook I just tuck an old washcloth in the waist of my pants and call it good. But from time to time when I need a little pick me up I'll go on Etsy and ogle the aprons.

This following one is very sexy in an I Love Lucy/Marilyn way.

This one is beyond cutey fab! The polka dots make me feel bubbly.

I love the functionality of this half apron, plus the retro greens are uber hip.

Okay then, I feel much better now. Deep in my psyche I now believe I have ordered all of these and they will be arriving on my doorstep early next week. I didn't and they won't, but a girl can dream. And in those dreams I don one of the above, whip up gluten-free appetizers for my arriving guests who are as equally easy-breezy in their attire as I am. We sip bubbly drinks, snack on finger foods and everybody admires my amazing domestic style and skilzzz. I'm very grounded, thank you.


  1. You lie! I've seen your uber special apron on a camping trip last year. It was fab and you looked marvy in it. So. Time to break out the massive stash of aprons I KNOW you are hoarding just so nobody knows that your fetish is alive and real. I would even go so far as to make bets that your bedspread is made from old aprons from the 50's.

  2. Marky B, you speak the truth about the Mormon apron. An alter ego for sure. But these babies above? Totally different animals. Plus, Mia made it plain that one stays in the mini Manor.

  3. I love this because I dressed up on Saturday and we walked up town to sit outside at a restaurant, and the entire time I pretended I was in Paris.